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The Taree Craft Centre welcomes new members, and there are several categories of membership. If you wish to sell your craft in our craft outlets, you are classed as a “selling member”. If you wish to join to become a volunteer, and/or to participate in social activities and charity working bees, you are classed as a “social member”. [Online Enquiries]

Selling Members:

Selling Members are those who wish to sell craft items through TCC Craft outlets. They pay an annual membership fee plus a “sellers fee” to help offset the cost of Volunteer Insurance and the cost of maintaining the sales outlets. As Taree Craft Centre strives to maintain a high standard of quality in the items they sell, selling members are required to submit an example of their work with their membership form, for assessment.
Selling members are required to work in the craft shops – one day per month for each outlet where their craft is offered for sale. They can choose to display their craft in one, two or all three outlets, and will be required to work one, two or three days per month accordingly.

Social Members:

Social Members are those who do not wish to sell items through TCC outlets, but have joined to participate in social activities, and maybe to become a volunteer, working in a craft shop, helping in the cafe or joining in at one of the charity working days. Social members pay an annual membership fee to cover Volunteers Insurance.

Membership fees are quite reasonable. Contact us for more information.

You can also Download a Membership Application Form (PDF file).

General Taree Craft Centre information:

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